Healing With The Masters Season 13.2 Live

Healing With The Masters Season 13.2 Live
Healing With The Masters Season 13.2 BannerStarts this evening. Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters Series returns, with Christopher Tims.

You asked us to bring back our live format… we tried something new in Season 13 & you, our audience didn

Healing With The Masters Season 13

Healing With The Masters Season 13
Healing With The Masters
This early spring Jennifer McLean returns with her hugely followed Healing With The Masters Series, for Season 13

Starting this evening, Tuesday 11th March 2014, Healing With The Masters returns for it’s 13th Season & I have been blessed with the opportunity to invite YOU into this remarkable life changing experience.

Healing With The Masters is a community of like-minded individuals, leading edge pioneers & thought leaders who, over the last few years have really made a difference. A huge difference.
Healing With The Masters is *Free* to join & to listen.

Are you ready…
To be supported into a total transformation of being
Moved into unprecedented states of aliveness & freedom
To truly be part of the dream of a transformed world…(And experience this transformation from the comfort of your living room…)
Then, Healing With the Masters is that something REALLY special for you (And it’s completely *Free*. Really, I mean it. No-strings-attached kind of free).
I would like to invite you to the largest event & community of its kind…That has secretly, under the radar, been transforming hundreds of thousands of souls for 7 years.

Community members have had a sense of homecoming, with a welcoming hand being offered.
The teachers and masters guiding this community have opened the capacity to create a home coming into the heart of being.
Allowing a sense of safety, support & possibility to flow forth.
Now, you can too: Healing With The Masters

This is your chance to join this community &:

~ Find greater ease & alignment in your health
~ Fundamentally shift dysfunctional relationships at home &/or work
~ Wipe out debt
~ Discover the provocative truths about life & living
~ Move past depletion & overwhelm into thriving & freedom
~ Demolish the past hurts, upsets & wounds (without collateral damage)

This is your time & this event & community is here to support you in your evolution.
Are you ready for that change to FINALLY happen?
This might just be the answer you have been seeking.
It’s *Free* Find out more & sign-up here: Healing With The Masters

*24th June 2014 Update* ~ Healing with the Masters Season 13 has finished, but… they are starting season 13.2 Live TODAY. Sign-up using any of the links on this page, for your chance to listen **for FREE** or check out our updated post here: Healing with the Masters Season 13.2 Live

Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters – Season 12 starts Tuesday 10th September 2013

Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters – Season 12 starts Tuesday 10th September 2013
Healing With The Masters - Season 12 - Gregg Braden

You know you deserve a life that overflows with Grace, Ease, Peace and Abundance – but, can you feel it?

My friend, Jennifer McLean, has compiled the largest and most incredible workshop on the planet, delivering access to the world’s greatest master teachers (many of whom have been on Oprah) — AND it is completely *FREE*.

AND this season is SUPER SPECIAL, she has compiled the ALL TIME FAVOURITES of the last 11 seasons of Healing With The Masters series.
Yep, you will have access to those workshop calls that have been proven to generate miracles of healing, flow and grace.
Imagine experiencing the top-level insights and guidance from Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukav, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsch, James Redfield, Gregg Braden & James Van Praagh, 27 in total. These are the “Best of the Best” waiting for your discovery.
Plus, Jennifer has added another new twist to this power-packed season: Jennifer has invited a swath of celebrities to join her in CELEBRITY HEALING WITH THE MASTERS.
Renowned singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, who has penned some of the most renowned songs of the twentieth century, is joining Jennifer along with 5 other celebrities.
We will discover how these celebs are using the tools of transformation just like you are to move into their expansion.

Participate with this remarkable community of like-minded individuals ready to change their lives – and the planet itself.
Welcome a life that is on-purpose and overflowing with Grace and Ease.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, join Jennifer and learn the techniques that will “unlock” your body’s own internal healing & resource systems & pathways to natural wealth, well being and flow.
You have so much to gain and nothing to lose but pain and suffering

Healing with The Masters Season 12

If someone said they would give you a FREE ticket to the largest Abundance-inspiring and health-generating workshop in the world, would you take it? You have that opportunity right now.
Healing With The Masters is the largest and most renowned program of its kind.
It has reached over 500,000 people in 230 countries – empowering participants to discover & live their purpose, heal chronic health issues, & discover new ways of relating.

Join this powerful community and the ALL TIME FAVOURITE speakers as we hold you in your bright light and allow you to see, experience and wield the power that is you.
Are you ready to truly, finally & permanently move away from ill-health, stress, and lack?
Healing With The Masters Season 12


Imagine 10-plus stadiums filled with people moving into a pain-free life just because they participated. That could be you!
Join Jennifer McLean & the Healing With the Masters – Season 12

The Healing With The Masters community is helping other communities too.
So far raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, building 5 schools in the poorest regions of Africa, creating potable water in devastated places around the planet, supporting medical clinics and doctors in needed regions, & has assisted communities all over the globe in creating sustainable businesses.

Become a part of something special. Check out Healing With The Masters, with our host Jennifer McLean. Listen to all the shows for *Free*, & if you’re interested in any of the individual offers,  check out the very special prices, Jennifer & each guest has provided for us all.

To our personal success.

29/10/13 Update for all our readers. Celebrity Healing With Masters Week has started!! Kenny Loggins & Gay Hendricks spoke by video to Jennifer on Monday, & today Dee Wallace is returning. If you haven’t already sign up here: Healing With The Masters Season 12 – Celebrity Week

Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters Season 11, starts March 12 2013 – Woo Hooo!

Healing With The Masters Series 11
I’ve followed Jen & Healing With The Masters for several seasons now, & have provided you, my readers access to a couple of them.
I’m really excited to announce that another wonderful season is about to start, on March 12th 2013, and you are one of the lucky ones to find this page & be invited.

If someone said they would give you a *FREE* ticket to the largest workshop in the world for creating abundance and health, would you take it?

Are you at one of those moments in life where you just don’t know where else to turn?
Maybe you have experienced loss, financial upset, a breakup, or a dear one has passed over.
If so, we are so sorry for your loss – truly.
When we are faced with a constant barrage of physical, energetic or emotional pain, we are generally in survival mode.
We aren’t really living, let alone thriving. We are just getting by.

I know that’s not the life you want for yourself and I think I have a powerful solution for you, thanks to my friend, Jennifer McLean. Who has compiled the most massive workshop on the planet, delivering access to the world’s greatest Master Teachers (many of whom have been on Oprah)+ AND it is completely free.

Imagine 10+ stadiums, filled with people moving into a pain-free life just because they participated in one of Jennifers workshops.
This could be you.

This is something I want you to experience and I promise it will guide you to some of the deepest, most relevant answers available on the planet…
Answers to managing these unique times and some of the powerful life challenges you may be experiencing.
For some, the Healing With The Masters Series has been a true miracle.

Jennifer’s Healing With The Masters is the largest & most renowned series of profoundly deep & powerful *FREE* workshops.
Providing the most relevant, cutting edge, new methods of permanent, profound and vibrant health and happiness for over 500,000 people in 230 countries for 10 straight seasons. Empowering those that take part to discover & live their purpose, heal chronic health issues, & discover new ways of relating with one another.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then join Jennifer, myself & her speakers, & learn the techniques that will “unlock” your body’s own internal healing systems AND natural wealth by signing up for Healing with The Masters.

Healing With The Masters has also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, built 5 schools in the poorest regions of Africa, created portable water in devastated places on the planet, supported medical clinics and doctors in needed regions, and has assisted communities all over the globe in creating sustainable businesses.

You can now become a part of this amazing community of like-minded individuals — movement, really — AND dramatically improve your life & the planet in the process.
Help yourself to a life that is on purpose and flowing with more grace and ease, by signing up today with Healing With The Masters

Check out the remarkable experiences from season 10’s participants.
“I am enlightened and supported by you and this series. These speakers are giving us the tools to embrace the unknown and never look back.
I have found another part of my virtual Mastermind Group. Thank you so much, Jennifer. I am truly HEALING.” ~ Dessie D.

“You threw a life preserver to me and held up a mirror to show me the truth of who I am, and I feel I have finally returned to my ‘family’ in this community.” ~ Dawn

“This morning I listened again to Rikka, and All I can say is WOW! I have been dealing with chronic pain for years and it is pretty much gone now.
Each speaker has brought forth valuable information and I have felt the energy shifting. This morning was the big shift. Thank you Jennifer for bringing such great healers.” ~ Mary M

Through profound insights and powerful energy work, 27 Master Teachers will guide you into a whole new state of possibility, creating the foundation for improvement and balance across all areas of your life!

If you haven’t taken part before, in order to wet your appetite, Master Teachers from previous seasons include:

Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations With GodNeale Donald Walsch is an internationally recognized spiritual messenger & best selling author of the Conversations With God book series.

You can access his site here.

Jo Dunning - Energy workerKnown as “The Miracle Worker” , Jo Dunning is a world renowned Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Master of Energy.

You can check out her site here.

Noah St John - Author & Success Coach Noah St John is the author six books, and has been featured in over 2,000 media outlets.

You can check out his site here.

Gregg Braden - Author and Scientific-Spiritualty PioneerGregg Braden is an author and Scientific Spirituality Pioneer. He is one of my favourite authors at the moment.

You can check out his site here.

Wayne Dyer - Internationally Renowned Self-Development Author and SpeakerWayne Dyer, is an internationally renowned Self-Development Speaker & Author of over 30 books.

You can check out his site here.

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Renowned Author & SpeakerDrunvalo Melchizedek is a Renowned author & speaker.

You can access his site here.

Now Season 11 of Healing With The Masters is going to be something totally different.
We have a lot of new speakers for this season. Here for your research & information is the list of speakers booked for Healing With The Masters Season 11

Bob Doyle Boundless LivingBob Doyle

Intuitive CounsellingCollette Baron Reid

Unstoppable EnterprisesCynthia Kersey

Astrology Of :LightElizabeth Jones

Magnified ManifestingEmmanuel Dagher

Spiritual GuidanceEva Gregory

Glenn Harrold - Self Help in the UKGlenn Harold

The Numbers LadyGlynis Mccants

Heart MathHoward Martin

Diamond AlignmentJacqueline Joy

Psychic Medium James Van PraghJames Van Pragh

The Secret Law Of Attraction ExpertJohn Assaraf

Healing SoundsJonathan & Andi Goldman

Quantum LightweavingKenji Kumara

Exercise To HealLee Holden

Transformational CoachMargaret M Lynch

Speaker Healer Author & CoachMary A Hall

Life HarmonizedMashur Anam

Conversations With GodNeale Donald Walsch

Experience Your Infinite PotentialPanache Desai

Era Of PeacePatricia Cota-Robles

Love Serve Remember FoundationRam Dass

Zero Point GlobalRick Bergen

Access ConsciousnessRikka Zimmerman

Six Sensory LivingSonia Choquette

Energetic Healer and TeacherSteve Hinkey

Self Development Speaker & AuthorWayne Dyer

Natural Action TechnologiesClayton Nolte is the bonus speaker for the series, making it 28 speakers, throughout the series, ending on May 30th 2013

As you can see, quite a few speakers who haven’t been on Healing With The Masters, who will be able to provide you with the tools to transform your life. Click on any of the pictures to go to their websites to find out more if you’re interested. Otherwise please do sign up now for 28 speakers, 8 new Inspirational Videos & four 3 day workshops, all for **Free** starting on March 12, 2013 with Jennifer McLean & Healing With The Masters Season 11.
Look forward to hearing about your comments too. Enjoy

**Post Update*
Healing with The Masters Encore Week.

Starting on Tuesday the 4th June, Healing With The Masters will continue with Encore Week. This week on Tuesday night, you can listen to a Q & A session with James Van Praagh, & Thursday, Rikka Zimmerman returns for another Q & A session.
Come back to this post next week, for the update on Healing With The Masters Encore Week 2.
Sign-up free here: Encore Week

Dr Anna Michelle – The Self Worth Summit May 1st – Middle of August

Hosted by the gentle powerhouse, speaker and self worth expert, Dr. Anna Michelle.
Who went from feeling broken and unlovable – to healing and transforming her life from the inside out.
Freeing herself from a prison of limiting beliefs – to living a life with passion, success and inner peace.
In her words:
“You are not alone. We will walk by your side through this journey of the soul into limitless freedom… because it is your right as a human being.
When you make that shift – the world shifts with you.”

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve done everything right, followed all the steps, and still nothing’s changed?
Do you ever feel deep down that your life was supposed to have turned out differently?
If you’re experiencing any disappointment, frustration or fear, who do you turn to?
My hope is for you to find comfort and take heart because I have a very important message for you…There is a Solution – YOU
I want you to awaken to the Truth of who you are… you are limitless, all powerful, and there is greatness inside of you.
The time is NOW to give to yourself what you so deeply desire. To wipe the slate clean and start a new life, free of limitation, struggle and pain.

If you don’t have what you crave in life, what would help is guidance and support. Step-by-step techniques to master your confidence, and practical tools for real change in the areas of your life that mean the most – for the rest of your life.
For the first time ever, you will learn proven solutions and strategies, to step forward into a future that is more abundant, purposeful and joyful, than you’ve ever dreamed: all in one single and powerful F*R*E*E online event – The Self Worth Summit.

Starting May 1st, this online teleseminar will feature 59+ world renowned experts who have spent decades studying, teaching and mastering the keys to inner confidence, personal power, and financial abundance, as they provide you with clarity, renewed purpose, and the deepest truths of who you are. Including:

Panache Desai
Panache Desai

Bob Doyle
Bob Doyle

Marci Shimoff
Marci Shimoff
Janet Attwood

Janet Attwood

Rikka Zimmerman
Rikka Zimmerman

Sherry Gaba
Sherry Gaba

Harrison Klein
Harrison Klein

Derek Rydall
Derek Rydall

Brad Yates
Brad Yates

Brent Phillips
Brent Phillips

Mark Romero
Mark Romero

Mary A Hall
Mary A Hall

Dr Eldon Taylor
Dr. Eldon Taylor

Maureen MossMaureen Moss



Get ready to be lit up with possibility. This event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you cannot miss! It’s free to listen for 48hrs, or alternatively you can purchase the audios to listen at your own time. It’s totally up to you.

Reserve Your F*R*E*E Spot for the Self Worth Summit! The Self Worth Summit

Awakening To Abundance Teleseminar Series starting April 25th 2012

Awakening To Abundance Teleseminar series, hosted by Daniel Gutierrez, starts 25th April 1am GMT/5pm Pacific.
Sign up here

In this transformative year, now is so definately the time to fully Awaken To The Abundance we can manifest in our lives.

What makes one person successful, wealthy with a wonderful life, and another person with similar knowledge & understanding, unsuccessful, lacking & unhappy in life?

My understanding now is that some people understand abundance & how it can impact their lives in ways you & I have not yet imagined.
Below is a list of quite a few of those people, and they are going to share their wisdom with us if we sign up here. During one hour sessions you can listen & take part yourself. You really must consider what YOU want in YOUR life and take the leap of faith.

The guest speakers throughout this teleseminar event are listed below. Sorry for the long list, they all have links to their websites for your perusal so that you can check them out before or after listening:
Dr Bradley Nelson
Rikka Zimmerman
Morgana Rae
Karen Russo
Larry Crane
Bob Doyle
Susan Shumsky
Elisabeth Fayt
Brent Phillips
Harrison Klein
Joe Nunziata
Esperenza Universal
Cyndi Krupp
Dain Heer
Jafree Ozwald
Noah St. John
Sonia Ricotti
Richard A. Luck
Charu Morgan
Dr Joe Rubino
John Harricharan
Mehendra Trivedi
Kristen Howe
Brennan Smith
Derek Rydall
Asara Lovejoy
Brad Yates
Adam King
Doug Nelson
Andy Fuehl
Pragito Dove
Lynda Dyer
Rishan Bhagowat
Jennifer Hough
John Assaraf
Scott Schilling
Debra Poneman
Sherry Gaba
Lisa Jimenez
Dr Sue Morter
Join me and thousands of others for a teleseminar we won’t forget.

Secrets Of Dynamic Living April Abundance Celebration Giveaway

Secrets Of Dynamic Living LOVE Spring! Watching the flowers and trees blooming in all their splendor creates a sense of renewal and rejuvenation in the soul. And to celebrate the arrival of Spring, they’re excited to announce the April Abundance Celebration.

For this celebration, they contacted some of our friends in the Law of Attraction community, and invited them to share a Free Bonus Gift with you… no purchase required!

Here’s what is included in this mammoth giveaway:

Jack Canfield – Living the Law of Attraction

Bruce Lipton & Rob Williams Biology of Perception Psychology of Change Movie

Marci Shifmoff‘s Happiness Action Plan

Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield & Micheal Beckwiths Science of Getting Rich Course

Hale Dwoskins Sedona Method Report

A free mp3 from Sonia Ricotti

An online webinar from Bob Doyle

Greg Frosts Brain Maximization Programme

Free eBook from Mark Victor Hansen

Laura Silva‘s Silva Method Started Kit

A free webinar from Natalie Ledwell

& Last but no means least Christie Whitmans How To Become A Life Coach Video series.

If you have yet to get yourself a copy of any or all of these items, you need to follow this link now:
Secrets Of Dynamic Living April Abundance Celebration Giveaway

Personal Empowerment & Self Growth Page Links

This page contains all links to any known Personal Empowerment & Self Growth sites I have provided in my posts, and ones that I follow.

Dr Alex Loyds The Healing Codes

Nick Ortner & Friends The Tapping Solution

David & Kristen’s Everything Is Energy World Summit & related pages

Lisa Nichols’ No Matter What Tour & related pages

Carol looks Attracting Abundance & EFT Tapping information

Lynne McTaggerts The Bond Teleclass & Fairness Campaign

Jennifer McLeans Healing With The Masters starts 6th September so go sign up. So much free content and information.

Gay & Kathleen Hendricks’ The Hendricks Institute

Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels of Welath Manifestation & related pages

Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder Programme

Bob Doyles Boundless Living

Ryan Higgins & Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies  2.1 programme

Kevin Gianni’s Renegade Health Programme

Dr Robert Anthony’s Secret Of Deliberate Creation

Marcia Wieders Dream University website

Mark Romero’s Music Site

The Festival Of Powerful Change & Achievement NLP Mindfest 2011 starts 12th September so go check it out!!

Bob Proctor & Mary Morrisseys 11 Forgotten Laws programme

Bob Proctor Jack Canfield & Micheal Beckwiths Science Of Getting Rich Programme

Most if not all of these sites contain free stuff, they’re all definately worth a look at least. Sign up if you’re interested. Read more on my pages and also my other blog which is

http://mypersonalselfgrowth.blogspot.com/ which will have other content from this website


The following links are back links for free website submission which I will be gradually adding as I submit my site. The ones listed will be ones I had no difficulty in getting FREE website submission, with lilttle or no sign up process. The easier and fastest way for me and for my readers as well.

Hit WEb Directory Food Directory I’m not sure why insists on having the link this way but still I get free submission, and so will you. Not so easy as I thought my account is pending.

Free Website Directory I had no difficulty in submitting my site, just gotta wait for approval which is normal. Also get submitted to Best Of The web as well which was a bonus.

Marketing Web Directory Shopping Directory




Everything Is Energy World Summit

Starting Next week for 6 Whole Days is the next F*r*e*e* (Yes FREE!) World Summit, and this time it’s the Everything is Energy World Summit Starting Tuesday 26th July until Sunday 31st July.

Everyday there will be 2 audios (available free for 24hrs) for your to listen to and benefit from. They start daily at 8pm EDT and you will have two of the top professionals in their field each day, showing you the tools and techniques they use to make it to where they are today. So Who’s gonna be there providing you with their powerful Energy Tools & Techniques:

David and Kristen Morrelli (our hosts will do a talk together and separately) www.everythingisenergysummit.com

Nick Ortner (from the Tapping world summit) www.thetappingsolution.com

Dr Alex Loyd www.thehealingcodes.com

Bob Doyle www.boundlessliving.com

Dr Joe Vitale www.mrfire.com

Carol Look www.attractingabundance.com/eft/

Dr Pat Carrington www.masteringeft.com

Marci Shimoff www.happyfornoreason.com/Home

Dr Judith Wright www.judithwright.com

Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks www.hendricks.com

Sonia Ricotti www.leadoutloud.ca/

Alisa Vitti www.floliving.com

Dr Travis Taylor www.doctravis.com

Gay Hendricks www.hendricks.com

Mary Manin Morrissey www.marymorrissey.com

Christie Whitman www.christywhitman.com

Kevin Gianni www.renegadehealth.com/blog/

I’ve included links to their sites incase you haven’t heard of them before and want more information.

This week will help you to transform your world, Energetically. Everything is Energy, we all know it on an unconscious level, but can’t seem to bring it into the Conscious. When you listen to these audios, you will notice little things in your life that change for the better: Within your Spiritual, Emotional Psychological & Physical Health, Your Career, Your finances; all effortlessly with the help of the speakers you listen to, while you’re listening!

Click the link to take part yourself www.everythingisenergysummit.com/