Free Viewing of The Tapping Solution Film! ~ Watch free on-line for the next 10 days; 10th-20th December 2013 + Bonus Interviews.

The Tapping Solution BannerFree Viewing of The Tapping Solution Film! ~ Watch free on-line for the next 10 days; 10th-20th December 2013 + Bonus Interviews.

For the first time ever & for a limited time, watch The Tapping Solution film for *FREE* online, for the next 10 days only!

We’re really excited to share that The Tapping Solution team are making their documentary film, which has sold over 100,000 copies around the world, available to view for *free* for 10 days!

This is an amazing film where you get to meet 10 people from all over America with a variety of challenges, such as PTSD, chronic back pain, fear of public speaking, fibromyalgia, abundance blocks, weight loss, smoking, grief & more, following their journey as they learn EFT Tapping as you do as well.

EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a type of Meridian Tapping, that combines ancient Chinese acupressure & modern psychology, with startling results.
– See more at The Tapping Solution

From healing childhood traumas, to pain relief, clearing limiting financial beliefs, weight loss, body image & food cravings, to fears & phobias, Tapping is proving to be a powerful, well-researched & easy to learn & apply technique.

Utilizing the body’s energy meridian points by stimulating them with your fingertips – literally tapping into your body’s own energy and healing power.
Your body is more powerful than you can imagine…filled with life, energy, & a compelling ability for self-healing.

With Tapping, you can take control of that power.
– See more at The Tapping Solution

It’s incredibly powerful to watch the participants’ journey & transformation, then dive deeper into the keys to using EFT Tapping to change your own life.

In the film you’ll also discover how to release physical pain, how our emotions affect our body, how to release trauma, how our childhood is affecting us today, how to clear limiting beliefs, & much more!

Along with the participants, you’ll hear commentary from experts like Jack Canfield, Cheryl Richardson, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Carol Look, Dawson Church & many others…

You can go here to see the film now: The Tapping Solution

Throughout the week, as well as the *Free* on-line viewing of The Tapping Solution, you will have access to 3 Bonus interviews as well. From 3 respected experts: Dr Bruce Lipton, Cheryl Richardson & Dr Joseph Mercola. Followed by a live Q & A session with Nick Ortner from the Tapping Solution team.
Click the following link for your access to the *Free* Worldwide Online Screening

You can learn for yourself the process of applying Tapping for yourself, just by watching the film.

Sign up for your *Free* access to The Tapping Solution

Please enjoy & pass it along to share with others! :)

Carol Look’s New Book – “Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All”

Carol Look’s : “Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All” is a new book launch, which is also an Amazon Kindle version. It’s available to purchase now from Amazon.

Carol Look is a Success & Abundance Coach. She uses EFT/ Meridian Tapping & The Law of Attraction to help clients clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build a “Prosperity Consciousness”.

She is a regular guest with The Tapping World Summit, was a speaker in the film The Tapping Solution and also a part of “Operation: Emotional Freedom”.

Right now she has a new book, which is a kindle version for us tech’ savvy people out there.

You can take a look & purchase your copy via this link: Carol Look’s “Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All”

In the book you’ll learn:
*The four major reasons why people procrastinate
*How procrastination is hurting you, both physically and mentally
*How to add an extra hour to your day
*Introductory and advanced lessons to help eliminate your procrastination

She’s also giving you her really powerful 40 minute Procrastination Elimination Training (Value of $47!) along with the book, totally **FREE**
where you’ll learn:

* The secret to ending your procrastination once and for all

* 3 tapping techniques to increase your productivity

* The key to making lasting change in your current procrastination habits

* And Much More…
and it’s all **FREE** when you buy your copy of her book.
Pretty cool, eh? :-)

Here’s the link for you to grab your copy of the book for under $3…: Carol Look’s: “Stop Feeling Lazy: How To Break The Procrastination Cycle Once & For All”

Incase you were wondering YES, if you scoop up the kindle version you can totally access all the bonuses right away.

To get your bonus all you have to do is forward your receipt to: 

(Please copy & paste into email)
Happy Reading!! 😉

5th Annual Tapping World Summit, free 10 day webinar from Nick, Alex & Jessica Ortner

Tapping World Summit Video Series - Nick Ortner

The 5th Annual Tapping World Summit is gearing up for the full 10 day webinar event starting on Monday, 4th February 2013.
To keep us entertained, and informed in the days leading up to the 5th Annual Tapping World Summit, Nick, Alex & Jessica Ortner, with the help from a few friends, have provided a warm-up video series, setting us up for the event, starting on Monday, February 4th February 2013.

Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) or “Tapping” is a breakthrough technique that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, with startling results.

2012 was a banner year for EFT:

*The American Psychological Association (APA) finally approved continuing education credits for studying EFT.

*New research came out further demonstrating what we all knew to be the case: That EFT works in incredible ways.

*Around the globe – from Rwanda to the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT – EFT has played a pivotal part in healing and in trauma relief.

The Tapping World Summit is 100% content, all designed to help you get results, and the entire 10 days of the event are free. You’ll learn exactly how to use Tapping for a variety of different issues. You’ll be surprised what it can be applied to & will work for.

This is the 5th year that this event has run. Last year there were over 500,000 people who registered.
There’s a reason why the event keeps growing from year to year = Tapping works!

If you could learn a technique that could drastically improve your life and you could learn how to do it for free, you’d want to, wouldn’t you?

This event happens only once each year. If you’re even remotely intrigued, you should sign up just to check out how you can learn how to use Tapping in your life.

The 10 day summit contains 20 free presentations from big names within the EFT / Tapping world.
2 presentations each day for 10 days, with a 24 hour period to listen to the calls, unless you decide to buy.

In essence you can sample the entire event before deciding if you want to own it, which is of course an option.
As an added bonus once you sign up to take part in the free event, you will receive access to:
Three audios that you can immediately listen to or download, from:

Dr. David Feinstein,




EFT Expert Carol Look,


and EFT expert and producer of the event Nick Ortner.


Each of them talking about EFT and Tapping in different ways, providing much needed insight & information about Tapping before you start joining in.
For those that upgrade before the event starts on the 4th of February, an extra bonus of digital access to all 14 videos of the Tapping World Summit Video Series.

Check it out here: Tapping World Summit

Nick Ortner, producer of the upcoming 5th Annual Tapping World Summit has done 3 video interviews with Louise Hay, Dr Hark Hyman & one with himself being interviewed by his sister Jessica Ortner.

Louise Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing and NY Times best-selling author of “You Can Heal Your Life” & the “Queen of Affirmations” sits down with Nick to discuss why, even at 86 years of age, she believes Tapping is so life-changing and necessary for you to learn.

“What you think about, and feel about, comes about.”
In essence…you attract things into your life vibrationally based on what you’re thinking about and feeling about. It’s the guiding principle of the law of attraction.

Staying in the positive is of the utmost importance, as Louise puts it;
“Forgiveness wipes the slate clean, so that other things can come in.”

Love, forgiveness and self-acceptance are the most powerful gifts anybody can give themselves.
But keeping the negativity, the background noise down to a minimum is hard.
Louise can show you how. Watch her video with Nick, click the picture to sign up.

She’ll share the best way you can use affirmations, along with Tapping for your “Inner Work”, to create the life you want today! You’ll even get to tap-along with Louise as she releases the fear from a very personal traumatic event when she was 5 years old, when her step father was holding her head under water.
If you have things from your past that you’d like to let go of, to have the emotional freedom to create the happiness, success, health and self love that you deserve, then you’ll want to watch Louise’s video.

Dr Mark Hyman, Nicks personal doctor, a 5 times New York Times Best-Selling Author, & one of the world’s leading Functional Medicine Doctors, understands the mind-body connection, and he knows that so much of our chronic illnesses are caused by persistent negative emotions, especially stress.

He states that when you have emotional trauma, ongoing stress, or just regular negative emotions, it can all be trapped in your cells? Which can actually severely limit your health and cause chronic illnesses?

And as he puts it, “Tapping is one of the most directed and powerful ways to peel away those layers of chronic stress. It’s very effective for very difficult problems.”

He discusses with Nick about bridging the gap of Eastern & Western medicine.

He’s one of those doctors that will say to you: “In order to get better you’re going to have to find a way to reset your nervous system so that it recoups from the stress of regular life”, rather than tell you stress is a part of life & give you a pill.

He’ll also open your mind to share some pretty amazing information:

*The monkey study that revealed the importance of one particular thing that many take for granted.

*One of the leading causes of chronic illness that people don’t know about, and that goes all the way back to childhood.

*Why many of the patients who come to him are in fact doctors who are looking for solutions that work.

From his perspective there are three things that are critical for healing:
It’s what you eat
Moving your body &
Learning how to reset your nervous system, by using Tapping.

Check out Marks video for yourself by clicking on the picture above.

Nick Ortner, producer of the 5th Annual Tapping World Summit describes in detail, exactly what this “Tapping thing” is, how it works, what it works on, the science and research behind it, and how you can use it immediately to improve your life. He shares how it impacts both the brain and the nervous system in the body, by sending calming signals to the brain that work to normalize the nervous system quickly, creating positive results.

There is research to back this up, it’s heavily supported by doctors, psychologists, therapists, coaches and other professionals.

We’re so used to turning to our doctors, now we can look to another tool, that is proven scientifically.
Whether you want to deal with emotional blocks, anxiety, anger, past traumas or phobias, or you want to release physical pain or lose those extra inches, this technique is a gateway to making that happen for you.
It can help you, in a big way, attract what you want into your life by clearing out the negative and limiting beliefs you may be holding.

If you’re having difficulty deciding upon whether to sign up & take part in the Tapping World Summit, I’d like to discuss with you something that is growing around the world, within each of us. It’s what’s called a pattern of “overwhelm”, a theme that seems to be prevalent throughout the world.

= Too many things to do. Too much responsibility. Too much information and not enough time.

This leaves people exhausted, overwhelmed and emotionally shut down (because they simply can’t process what’s going on).

Feeling any of this..?
What’s the answer to this problem?

I KNOW from personal experience as well as trial and error, that the answer is to deal with your STUFF”, your BAGGAGE”, your HISTORY”, your LIMITING BELIEFS, once and for all.

Now, your first response to this might be, “But I don’t have TIME to deal with that “stuff””

However. The reality is: You don’t have time NOT TO deal with this “stuff”.

Not dealing with your “stuff”, falls in the same category as not exercising.

Most people’s excuse is they don’t have time to exercise, but the facts show that exercise improves health, increases mental performance, reduces sleep time, and makes life a whole lot better.

And it’s the same thing for dealing with your “stuff.

“Stuff” means all the unresolved emotions, hurts, limiting beliefs, physical pain, and so forth that you’ve been carrying around WAY too long. I’m coming around to the belief that one of the best ways to handle these issues is to use EFT/Tapping.

If you’re not enjoying the continual patterns of suffering, pain, and regret, you can bust out a limiting belief with 10 minutes of tapping, and it can change everything in your life. During the 5th Annual Tapping World Summit you will learn both basic and advanced Tapping techniques, in a really easy way & you can do so for *FREE*.

I highly recommend that you sign up & listen in on the 2013 Tapping World Summit.
Then you can tap along with some of the world’s foremost experts:

Nick Ortner

Jessica Ortner

Carol Look

Paul Scheele

Cheryl Richardson

Margaret M. Lynch

Dr Pat Carington

Donna Eden

Dawson Church

Brad Yates

To name just a few.

If you need some reassurance from people who you have heard of & already trust:

Dr. Wayne Dyer recently said about Tapping:
“Put away your skepticism, this really works…I’ve had great results with tapping in my own life.”

Jack Canfield calls it
“..the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years…”

Lissa Rankin M.D. says,
“For those seeking a prescription for eliminating limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear, anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further than The Tapping Solution.”

Dr Mercola says of EFT,
“EFT should be tried for everything, it’s an amazing resource tool, it should be in everyone’s First Aid Kit.”

If you’re ready to break the patterns of self-sabotage, of anxiety, of procrastination, of whatever is holding you back, then register to listen in on these free calls.
Tapping World Summit

Healing With The Masters Series 9

Are you ready to move past surviving and really THRIVE?

You know that I am constantly on the lookout for things that can guide us all to a path of freedom, abundance, and health, right?

Well, Jen McLean is back again, and I can’t wait. Healing With The Masters Series 9 is here, and we are are in for many many treats!!! Starting  March 13.

It has started already and you have missed several of the interviews. However, Jen the star that she is has reopened all of the calls, so if you sign up now you can catch up. Trust me the interviews are well worth it. My favourites so far have been Gregg, Drunvalo & Rikka. I want more.

Joining Jennifer during this season of interviews will be 30 renowned speakers:

Chris Cade - Martial Arts Champion, Spiritual Healer and TeacherChris Cade is a Martial Arts Champion, Spiritual Healer & Teacher.

You can check out Chris’s site here.


Marisa Russo - Renowned Teacher, Author, Speaker, and HealerMarisa Russo is a renowned teacher, author, speaker and healer.

You Can access her site here.


Colin Tipping - Radical Forgiveness Colin Tipping is the creator of Radical Forgiveness, which is becoming recognized as the most powerful leading-edge technology for personal and spiritual growth today.

You can access his site here,

Neale Donald Walsch - Conversations With GodNeale Donald Walsch is an internationally recognized spiritual messenger & best selling author of the Conversations With God book series.

You can access his site here.


Donna Eden - Inner SourceDonna Eden is one of the most authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine.

You can access her site here.


Jo Dunning - Energy workerKnown as “The Miracle Worker” , Jo Dunning is a world renowned Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Master of Energy.

You can check out her site here.

Sonia Choquette - Six Sensory WisdomSonia Ricotti is a Revolutionary Psychic, Vibrational Alchemist, Healer, Teacher & best-selling author of eight books published in seventeen countries.

You Can access Sonia’s website here.  

Noah St John - Author & Success Coach Noah St John is the author six books, and has been featured in over 2,000 media outlets.

You can check out his site here.

Susan Taylor Shier Susan Taylor Shier is a Gifted Author, Teacher, and Intuitive Counselor.

You can access her site here,


Elizabeth Jones - Astrology Of LightElizabeth Jones is an Astrologer Extraordinaire and Gifted Intuitive.

You can access her site here.  

Gregg Braden - Author and Scientific-Spiritualty PioneerGregg Braden is an author and Scientific Spirituality Pioneer. He is one of my favourite authors at the moment.

You can check out his site here.

Wayne Dyer - Internationally Renowned Self-Development Author and SpeakerWayne Dyer, is an internationally renowned Self-Development Speaker & Author of over 30 books.

You can check out his site here.

Jon Griffin - modern-day, spiritually motivated composer & Sound HealerJon Griffin is part of McLean Masterworks providing his Sunday soundbaths.

You can find out all you need about Jon via McLean Masterworks here.

mark Romero - Sound Healer Mark Romero is an extraordinary keynote artist, consultant and personal development coach using his one-of-a-kind transformational musical technology.

You can check out his site here.

David Neagle - World-Class Speaker and Leading Authority on Personal Mastery David Neagle is a World-Class Speaker and Leading Authority on Personal Mastery.

You can access his site  here.

Christian Pankhurst - Coach, Speaker, Seminar Leader and AuthorChristian Pankhurst is a Coach, speaker, Seminar Leader & Author.

You can access his site here.

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Renowned Author & SpeakerDrunvalo Melchizedek is a Renowned author & speaker.

You can access his site here.

Mary Allen - Healing CoachMary Allen is a life coach & Healer.

You can access her site here.

Isha Judd - International Speaker and Ambassador for PeaceIsha Judd is an International Speaker and Ambassador for Peace.

You can access her site here.

Rikka Zimmerman - Access ConsciousnessRikka Zimmerman was a well-known photographer and musician before being introduced to and becoming a renowned facilitator of Access Consciousness.

You can access Rikka’s site here.

Sarah McLean - Author and Director of the Sedona Meditation Training Company Sarah McLean has been practicing meditation for almost 20 years. She‟s the founding Director of the Sedona Mediation Training Company, and has been featured in the NY Times.

You can access Sarahs site here.

Denise Linn - Internationally Respected Healer, Writer, and TeacherDenise Linn is an Internationally Respected Healer, Writer, and Teacher.

You can access her site here.

Panache Desai - spiritual leaderBorn and raised in London, England, Panache Desai is “here as an example to all that no matter what your life experiences are or how you feel about yourself we are all divine with amazing gifts and abilities. It is my role to make that which was once only accessible to a select few, available to all mankind.”

You can check out his site here.

Mary Hall - Recognized & Profound Healer, Popular Abundance Coach, Author and SpeakerMary Hall is a recognized healer & popular abundance caoch, author & speaker.

You can access her site here.

Jennifer McLean - Masterworks HealingJennifer McLean needs no introduction really. If you sign up for Healing With The Master Series 9 you’ll have plenty of information to get you going.

Emmanuel Dagher - Human Transformation Specialist and Holistic Health Practitioner and TeacherEmmanuel Dagher is an Holistic Health Practitioner, Teacher, & Empowerment Coach.

You can access his site here.

Carol Look - EFT Specialist & Success & Abundance CoachCarol Look is one of my favourite people currently. She has so much to offer.

You can check out her site here.

David Berceli - Trauma Intervention and Conflict Resolution International ExpertDavid Berceli is a Trauma Intervention and Conflict Resolution International Expert.

You Can access his site here.

William Linville - Instrument of the Universal and Creator ConsciousnessWilliam Linville is a divine essence, clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body.

You can access his site here.

Christie Marie Sheldon - Author, Intuitive Life Coach, and Transformation ExpertChristie Marie Sheldon is an Author, Intuitive Life Coach, and Transformation Expert.

You can access her site here.

Foster Gamble




Foster Gamble is President & Co-Founder of Clear Compass Media; Creator, Host, Co-Writer, and Director of Visual Design for THRIVE.
Check out the Thrive site here

Dr Joe Dispenza Dr Joe Dispenza is a Featured International Speaker and Scientist & author of a bestselling book Evolve Your Brain.
You can check out his site here

Like I said, plenty of wonderful people to get introduced to if you haven’t heard of them already, and then, loads of new websites to check out that will help to move you on towards the You you want.

All you have to do is register on the link below (or the ad above)

Healing with The Masters Series 9

Then take the time to experience 8 free healing videos, + 4 bonus gifts of powerful energetic healing tools. You will be taking part in more than 30 free live / webcasted / replayed shows.

Once you’ve listened, allow the invocations, energy healings, deep new insights, meditations, and just plain fun to take over and shift you to…well…a new YOU!

The Tapping Solution – Pain Relief World Summit

Roll on this Monday, I can’t wait! The Tapping Solution is back again, and they’ve got another Free World Summit for us all to take part in.

You’re about to see a video that most mainstream doctors wouldn’t understand.

They wouldn’t understand because it goes beyond their comprehension of how the body works and what causes physical pain. They look at the body as a bunch of parts like the way we look at a car but have no understanding of the bodies energy system.

If you want to see what physical pain is really caused by and how you can release it in minutes watch this video:

One of the people in this video released pain that he’d been holding on to for 34 years…

34 YEARS!!!

Doctors didn’t have a clue how to get rid of his pain. But, just from learning the revolutionary EFT Tapping technique and applying it he was able to do something that he’d never been able to do before. Watch The Video to see.

One day, I believe we’ll see doctors and nurses doing EFT Tapping. Until then…a lot of people will suffer needlessly with physical pain that they could eliminate with the help of EFT.

The video is also a preview to the upcoming Pain Relief World Summit, an online audio event that will change the way you look at health and most importantly, help you release any physical pain you’re dealing with.

Watch the short video, and when you recognize how valuable, actionable, and relevant to YOUR life this 6 day event is, sign up to get access.

When you have signed up you’ll also get 3 audios that you can listen to immediately to start seeing results with pain relief in your life. You can check out the video, read about the available free audios for immediate download, and inform yourself about the entire 6 day event by going here:

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you know anyone else that would benefit from watching the video and maybe signing up, please share this page with them TODAY. You know they’ll thank you, maybe by the end of the 6 day event. It starts this Monday so don’t delay…

Share this with them today!

So that we can all have access to this one time only event.

Personal Empowerment & Self Growth Page Links

This page contains all links to any known Personal Empowerment & Self Growth sites I have provided in my posts, and ones that I follow.

Dr Alex Loyds The Healing Codes

Nick Ortner & Friends The Tapping Solution

David & Kristen’s Everything Is Energy World Summit & related pages

Lisa Nichols’ No Matter What Tour & related pages

Carol looks Attracting Abundance & EFT Tapping information

Lynne McTaggerts The Bond Teleclass & Fairness Campaign

Jennifer McLeans Healing With The Masters starts 6th September so go sign up. So much free content and information.

Gay & Kathleen Hendricks’ The Hendricks Institute

Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels of Welath Manifestation & related pages

Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder Programme

Bob Doyles Boundless Living

Ryan Higgins & Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies  2.1 programme

Kevin Gianni’s Renegade Health Programme

Dr Robert Anthony’s Secret Of Deliberate Creation

Marcia Wieders Dream University website

Mark Romero’s Music Site

The Festival Of Powerful Change & Achievement NLP Mindfest 2011 starts 12th September so go check it out!!

Bob Proctor & Mary Morrisseys 11 Forgotten Laws programme

Bob Proctor Jack Canfield & Micheal Beckwiths Science Of Getting Rich Programme

Most if not all of these sites contain free stuff, they’re all definately worth a look at least. Sign up if you’re interested. Read more on my pages and also my other blog which is which will have other content from this website


The following links are back links for free website submission which I will be gradually adding as I submit my site. The ones listed will be ones I had no difficulty in getting FREE website submission, with lilttle or no sign up process. The easier and fastest way for me and for my readers as well.

Hit WEb Directory Food Directory I’m not sure why insists on having the link this way but still I get free submission, and so will you. Not so easy as I thought my account is pending.

Free Website Directory I had no difficulty in submitting my site, just gotta wait for approval which is normal. Also get submitted to Best Of The web as well which was a bonus.

Marketing Web Directory Shopping Directory




Everything Is Energy World Summit

Starting Next week for 6 Whole Days is the next F*r*e*e* (Yes FREE!) World Summit, and this time it’s the Everything is Energy World Summit Starting Tuesday 26th July until Sunday 31st July.

Everyday there will be 2 audios (available free for 24hrs) for your to listen to and benefit from. They start daily at 8pm EDT and you will have two of the top professionals in their field each day, showing you the tools and techniques they use to make it to where they are today. So Who’s gonna be there providing you with their powerful Energy Tools & Techniques:

David and Kristen Morrelli (our hosts will do a talk together and separately)

Nick Ortner (from the Tapping world summit)

Dr Alex Loyd

Bob Doyle

Dr Joe Vitale

Carol Look

Dr Pat Carrington

Marci Shimoff

Dr Judith Wright

Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks

Sonia Ricotti

Alisa Vitti

Dr Travis Taylor

Gay Hendricks

Mary Manin Morrissey

Christie Whitman

Kevin Gianni

I’ve included links to their sites incase you haven’t heard of them before and want more information.

This week will help you to transform your world, Energetically. Everything is Energy, we all know it on an unconscious level, but can’t seem to bring it into the Conscious. When you listen to these audios, you will notice little things in your life that change for the better: Within your Spiritual, Emotional Psychological & Physical Health, Your Career, Your finances; all effortlessly with the help of the speakers you listen to, while you’re listening!

Click the link to take part yourself