Healing With The Masters Season 16 ~ Returns September 2015

Healing With The Masters
Healing With The Masters Season 16 ~ Returns September 2015

Healing With The Masters returns for Season 16 with Jennifer Mclean at the beginning of September 2015.
For those of us who’ve been waiting for this series to begin, the wait is over.

Season 16 has begun. You haven’t missed too much as there are bonus calls playing at the moment.
If you sign-up for Healing With Masters Season 16 now, you will be able to listen to 2 replays, in memoriam to Wayne Dyer.
We’re not sure how long they will be available, Jenn is usually very generous with the times or days the replays can still be accessed, you most likely will still have access to them until the Healing With The Masters Season 16 pre-season bonus calls finish on Thursday 10th September.
Which will be just before everything goes live on September 15th 2015.
Sign-up for Healing With Masters Season 16 for *FREE* now.

There are a couple of bonus calls alongside the two memoriam replays for Wayne Dyer:
Sonia Choquette on Tuesday September 8th 2015 & Dee Wallace on Thursday 10th September 2015.

All the calls are live & you may speak to Jenn & her guest on the call, asking your question, on the air.

Sign-up for *FREE* to the worlds largest, most celebrated transformational interactive online workshop using any of the links in pink.
Join hundreds of thousands of other like-minded individuals, from all over the world & listen in to the 20+ healers, raise your hand & work DIRECTLY with them, if you’d like.

Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters Series has changed the lives of over 750,000 worldwide.
Become one more by signing up for *Free* ~ Healing With The Masters Season 16.

This season, alongside the pre-season bonus calls already mentioned, we have several new speakers & a few of our favourites to look forward too.
Returning this season alongside Sonia Choquette & Dee Wallace are Jo dunning, Jarred Hewett, Mary A Hall, Elizabeth Jones, Emmanuel Dagher & Donna Eden.
*New* to Healing With The Masters, amongst others are Lynne Twist, Marni Battista, Zach Rehder & Kari Samuels.

We also have another Epi-genetics week to look forward to.
Teach yourself how to use nutrition & healthier environments to turn ON the Genes you want working & turn OFF those Genes that aren’t helping you. Once & for all.

Also *NEW* to Healing With The Masters ~ Life After Death (LAD) Week, where we will hear from Elisa Medhus, Suzanne Giesemann, Collette Baron-Reid & Annie Kagen.
These experts will guide your understanding into a new, transformative recognition about life, death & dealing with loss. You will have the opportunity to connect with your beloveds & ascertain exactly “what’s on the other side”.

Because Healing With The Maters is a LIVE, INTERACTIVE workshop, if you wish, you may work with any of the speakers, during the LIVE shows.
Sign-up for *Free* using any of the links provided, if you feel compelled to hear the information available or to take part yourself.
Everything live is *Free*.
The replays are *Free* for a limited time.
If you want to listen after they are no longer available you can purchase the series, if you’d like. Usually for a discounted price.

If you’re looking for an on-line workshop, with like-minded individuals who are asking the same questions, you are about life, then Healing With The Masters is for you.
Here, there is a community you can join, where a you can escape life for a while.
A Sacred space, full of open hearts waiting to meet YOU.
Somewhere you can find time to support YOU ~ check-in with yourself & notice what needs healing & replenishment in YOUR Life. Find harmony, confidence, happiness. Find health. Feel supported, cared for & loved & find the confidence to have faith in your life’s journey.
Join them & help yourself to move on from the past, forgive yourself & others & ultimately move out of stress, worry & depression. Replenish your soul, recharge your spirit & allow your mind & body to thrive.

Sign-up now ~ Healing With Masters Season 16

Hay House World Summit 2015 ~ May 9th – May 28th

Hay House world Summit 2015 Banner
Hay House World Summit 2015 ~ May 9th – May 28th

Beginning May 9th 2015, the Hay House World Summit Returns for 2015.

100 experts, authors & spiritual teachers will be taking part & offering their little “gems” of information from their chosen fields.

Topics throughout the Hay House World Summit will cover Personal Empowerment, Relationships, Spirituality, & physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health, in-depth with discussions you may not have heard before.

Of the 100 experts chosen to take part, among them include:

Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr Bruce Lipton

For more information about Dr Bruce Lipton, his books can be found on Amazon via the link. His photo will take you to his website.

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss can also be found on Amazon & her photo will take you to her website for details about what she has to offer.

Christiane Northrup

Christiane Northrup

Dr Christiane Northrup is also an author, also available via Amazon, & you can inform yourself deeper by clicking on her photo to go to her website.

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a visionary speaker & author. His photo will take you to his website & you can find all his publications on Amazon.

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters interviews are listened to all around the globe. Her Photo & the link in pink will take you to her site. There are also a few books on Amazon.

Lisa Garr

Lisa Garr

You can find out about Lisa Garr & her speaker series’ by clicking on her photo. There are books available from Lisa on Amazon.

Lynne Mctaggart

Lynne Mctaggart

Lynne McTaggart is a revolutionary scientist. You can find out more about her by clicking on her photo, which will take you to her site. All of her publications are available from Amazon too.

Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner of the Tapping Solution can also be found on Amazon. He has books, films & audios available. His Photo will also take you straight to the Tapping Solution site.

These are just a few, to give you an idea.

If you sign-up for the *Free* Hay House world Summit, you will get instant access to 5 audios to listen too straight away.
You will also have access to the Summit Action Guide eBook45 pages of information to help you make meaningful changes & decisions in your life.
There’s an “Ask The Universe” Button & an info-graphic to help you “Choose You Personal Path”

During the Hay House World Summit, alongside the wonderfully informative interviews, you will also have access to 12 inspirational films available to view for *Free* during the Summit. If you sign-up to take part.
Click on any of our links in pink. They will all take you to the registration page.

The Summit begins on May 9th & finishes on May 28th. Through-out the 20 days you will have access to unlimited streaming of the interviews & films, during their “on air” lessons.
May 9th – Lessons 1 ~ 25 + videos 1-3
May 14th – Lessons 1 ~ 50 + videos 1-6
May 19th – Lessons 1 ~ 75 + videos 1-9
May 24th – Lessons 1 ~ 100 + videos 1-12
All ending on May 28th 2015

Interested in inspiring your world?
Sign-up: Hay House World Summit 2015, or click any of the links in pink.
Share your thoughts on this page, let your friends & family know by sending them to this page.

Healing With The Masters Season 15

Healing with the Masters Banner Healing With The Masters Season 15 ~ begins March 10th 2015

Jennifer McLean is back. :)
Healing With The Masters returns for it’s 15th Season.

The live shows are only a few days away, & the season has already begun, with pre-season replays of previous seasons’ speakers.

Sign-up for *FREE* to the worlds largest, most celebrated transformational workshop using any of the links in pink.
Join hundreds of thousands of other like-minded individuals, from all over the world & listen in to the calls, take part if you’d like.

This season, like season 14 will be live, with question & answer sessions at the end of the interview.
This will make the calls that little bit longer, but it will be worth listening in on the callers courageous enough to step up & ask their question on behalf of the group. Which could be you.

Healing With The Masters so far has changed 700,000 lives in over 200 countries.

Are you ready for your transformational healing?

Would you like more calm, abundance or freedom in your life?

Join Healing With The Masters, Season 15.
Listen to the transformational speakers providing their insights & cutting edge tools for ways for you to empower your life & those around you.

Click one of the links & watch Jenn’s introductory video.
I Am Empowered Online dares anyone to have dry eyes throughout.
Jenn opens her heart & allows us to see her at her most vulnerable. In a video that not only provides you with your little push to fill in your information & sign-up, but should also bring your attention to the community that has been growing since Healing With The Masters begun.
A community that could be available to you, if you sign-up & check out what Jenn’s Healing With The Masters, Season 15 has to offer for you & your loved ones.

This season we have lots of new spekers & a whole week dedicated to Epigenetics.
HWTM15 -Epigenetics Week

Bruce Lipton finishes off the season, with some favourites returning like Wayne Dyer, Jo Dunning, Dee Wallace & Mary Hall.

Healing With The Masters  15 Speaker Grid
There are 20+ speakers, but with bonus calls & Epigenetics week, that will increase.

The Calls are on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, & being there live is encouraged. If you are unable to attend, don’t worry as the replays will be up for you to listen too for at least 48 hours, & Jenn usually increases them over the weekend during the week that they have happened. Plenty of time for anyone, with a busy schedule or different time Zone to fit the sessions into their week.

Need the link again? Healing With The Masters, Season 15

Healing With The Masters Season 14 ~ October 7th – December 11th 2014

Healing With The Masters Season 11Healing With The Masters Season 14 ~ October 7th – December 11th 2014

My friend Jennifer McLean is at it again. Her *FREE* Healing With The Masters workshop series returns for its 14th series.
The Healing With The Masters series has, over the last 13 seasons, delivered one of the most profound opportunities for healing & transformation for us all, on-line. For *FREE*
All you have to do is click the following link to access your ticket to Healing With The Masters Season 14

Jennifer is on an unwavering mission to help as many souls as possible & we at I Am Empowered Online are proud to be associated with & sharing this opportunity with our readers.
Join us to find yourself, your Light, your Power, your Purpose.
Join the tight-knit Healing With The Masters Community & heal together, share together, change together & co-create with over 600,000 other like minded individuals from 200 countries across the world.
We can co-create to make the difference; for ourselves, our friends, family & or course the planet.

If you haven’t heard about Healing With The Masters before, it’s a *FREE* series of live, interactive, online healing workshops, on Tuesdays & Thursdays each week, where you work directly with the masters of healing, transformation, coaching & edge pushing. Directly receiving, there on the call, the newest, leading edge personal healings, activations & transformations.

Join us now for the pre-season calls, or on the 7th October 2014. Get your *FREE* ticket here: Healing with The Masters Season 14

Healing With The Masters Season 13.2 Live

Healing With The Masters Season 13.2 Live
Healing With The Masters Season 13.2 BannerStarts this evening. Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters Series returns, with Christopher Tims.

You asked us to bring back our live format… we tried something new in Season 13 & you, our audience didn

Living in Oneness Summit ~ 7th – 18th May 2014

Living in Oneness Summit ~ 7th – 18th May 2014
Humanitys Team Living in Oneness 2014
The Living in Oneness Summit has started!

The Vedas shared messages of Oneness & so did Jesus.
All of Earth’s great religions have shared, “We are all One”.
Even scientists have shared this message including Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrodinger, the Nobel Prize winner for physics in 1933.

Many can now see that Oneness is Ultimate Reality but, living as One is a mysterious process for most people.

What if you could make adjustments in your life that permit you to become fully alive as part of the Divine that you are?
What if you could live this way each day, with your significant other, in your family life, at work and in all parts of your life?

Most of us understand intellectually that nothing can separate us from the Divine but we have not tapped into this energy on a daily basis.

Too often we look outside ourselves: to our partner, our job or our financial wealth for peace & security but this only creates fleeting happiness.
True happiness comes from the inner security we find in our connection with the Divine & each other.

This is the focus of the Living in Oneness Summit, which has just started & is complimentary to all who sign-up.
This is why the Living in Oneness Summit has reached out to over 24 of the most respected authors & wisdom sources we know, to be part of the 2014 program.
Each speaker brings different wisdom. Each is respected as an authority on Living in Oneness – as part of the Divine – in one or more parts of their lives.
Some are well known & others you will be very grateful to be meeting for the first time.

Here’s a few of them to give you a taster:

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God books.

Barbra Marx Hubbard, president of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution & her sister Patricia Ellsberg, a social change activist, meditation teacher, life coach & public speaker.

Kenji Kumara, serves as an initiator of Universal Quantum Energy bringing us Quantum Lightweaving.

Gay & Katie Hendricks, from the The Hendricks Institute & The Foundation for Conscious Living.

Bruce Lipton, who trained as a Stem cell biologist & is currently the author of many books. Check out his Amazon page.

James O’Dea, who is the lead faculty for the Shift Network’s Peace Ambassador Training

don Miguel Ruiz, is the international bestselling author of a series of books, including The Four Agreements. You can find his books on Amazon.

don Jose Ruiz, son of Miguel, is a teacher lecturing around the world, providing insights into ancientToltec wisdom

Jennifer McLean, from Healing with the Masters

Deborah Rozman, President and co-CEO of Quantum Intech, Inc. the parent company of HeartMath LLC.

Patricia Cota-Robles, an internationally known teacher and author who has been helping awakening souls to remember the magnificence of who they are, so they can take charge of their life. you can find out more iva her website.

Hazel Henderson, is a futurist & an economic iconoclast. Authoring 11 books including Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy. Check out her Amazon page.
Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda), the “Cosmic Comic” author, humorist, and workshop leader. His latest book, Spontaneous Evolution was written with cellular biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. Purchase from Amazon here, it’s worth a read.

Steve McIntosh, author, activist, lawyer, entrepreneur & founder of Now & Zen, Inc.

William Ury, is a mediator, writer and speaker focusing upon conflicts within the family & the business boardroom. His most recent project is the Abraham Path Initiative.

Lance Secretan, originally managing director of Manpower Limited, he has also been a CEO of a Fortune 100 company, a university professor, an award-winning columnist & author of 15 books about inspiration and leadership. The Secretan Center, Inc., his firm, is ranked #1 in the world as an international Leadership Consulting firm by Leadership Excellence.

Arthur Samuel Joseph who coached Stephen Covey, is Founder and Creator of Vocal Awareness™.

T!m Freke the Big Love philosopher, has an honours degree in philosophy and is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality. His latest book The Mystery Experience can be found on Amazon.

Rachael Jayne Groover, is a singer, inspirational speaker, author & Founder of The YIN Project.

George Kao, is a trusted marketing teacher for spiritual solopreneurs. Check out his site for more info: George Kao.

Nina Meyerhof president & founder of Children of the Earth.

Barbara Fields, among many other things is the Executive Director, The Association for Global New Thought.

Anna-Marie Pieterse, is the South Africa coordinating director for Humanity’s Team. She is currently in the process of completing her first book; Coming Home to uBuntu… Africa’s Gift of Oneness to the World. You can find out more & connect with her on Facebook.

Anakha Coman, is an ordained New Thought minister, founder of The FireHeart Sanctuary. A sacred-heart mystic devoted to resurrecting the essential teachings of Yeshua & Magdalene & living the Christ consciousness. Find out more via her website

There are more.
Including Arnold Schwarzenegger & Angelina Jolie!
You’ll have to sign-up for the summit, then you’ll be able to hear what they have to say. Living in Oneness Summit 2014

Healing With The Masters Season 13

Healing With The Masters Season 13
Healing With The Masters
This early spring Jennifer McLean returns with her hugely followed Healing With The Masters Series, for Season 13

Starting this evening, Tuesday 11th March 2014, Healing With The Masters returns for it’s 13th Season & I have been blessed with the opportunity to invite YOU into this remarkable life changing experience.

Healing With The Masters is a community of like-minded individuals, leading edge pioneers & thought leaders who, over the last few years have really made a difference. A huge difference.
Healing With The Masters is *Free* to join & to listen.

Are you ready…
To be supported into a total transformation of being
Moved into unprecedented states of aliveness & freedom
To truly be part of the dream of a transformed world…(And experience this transformation from the comfort of your living room…)
Then, Healing With the Masters is that something REALLY special for you (And it’s completely *Free*. Really, I mean it. No-strings-attached kind of free).
I would like to invite you to the largest event & community of its kind…That has secretly, under the radar, been transforming hundreds of thousands of souls for 7 years.

Community members have had a sense of homecoming, with a welcoming hand being offered.
The teachers and masters guiding this community have opened the capacity to create a home coming into the heart of being.
Allowing a sense of safety, support & possibility to flow forth.
Now, you can too: Healing With The Masters

This is your chance to join this community &:

~ Find greater ease & alignment in your health
~ Fundamentally shift dysfunctional relationships at home &/or work
~ Wipe out debt
~ Discover the provocative truths about life & living
~ Move past depletion & overwhelm into thriving & freedom
~ Demolish the past hurts, upsets & wounds (without collateral damage)

This is your time & this event & community is here to support you in your evolution.
Are you ready for that change to FINALLY happen?
This might just be the answer you have been seeking.
It’s *Free* Find out more & sign-up here: Healing With The Masters

*24th June 2014 Update* ~ Healing with the Masters Season 13 has finished, but… they are starting season 13.2 Live TODAY. Sign-up using any of the links on this page, for your chance to listen **for FREE** or check out our updated post here: Healing with the Masters Season 13.2 Live

Hay House World Summit – last few days

Hay House World Summit
A Free online event, from Hay House, begun on the 1st June 2013, continuing for 10 days, until 10th June 2013.
Now the Hay House World Summit – last few days, ends on Sunday 15th June. However all 100 audios are available to listen to today & over the weekend for free once more.
If you are interested in purchasing the Hay House World Summit so that you can listen to the audio’s whenever you want for the rest of the your life, they are encouraging you to do so now, as you don’t have much time left (This Sunday).

If you’re interested in listening to people like Bruce Lipton, or Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay or Mona Lisa Shultz, then the Hay House World Summit has everyone, and then some, covered. Don’t forget there’s 110 hours of audio.
This Inaugural Hay House World Summit has been “The Daddy” of all on-line teleseminars, & they have kept the price down considerably.
Interested, check out the site via any of the links on this page. Have a listen to whomever resonates with you, and when you’re sure you want to own the series, click on the purchase button on the homepage.
Happy Listening.
To Your Personal Empowerment & Spiritual Success

Hay House World Summit 2013, 1st – 10th June 2013

Hay House World Summit
A Free online event, from Hay House, begins on the 1st June 2013, continuing for 10 days, until 10th June 2013.
Throughout the summit you will have access to *OVER 100* world renowned experts from the professional field of Personal Growth. Who will be sharing their techniques, processes & principles which they’ve found effective: In order for us to learn about & apply them within our worlds with success.
With *Over 100* speakers you would be here all day reading the list, if I was to provide it.
May I just say, that you will be happily surprised by whom will be providing their knowledge & wisdom, but to wet your apetite here’s a small list of some of those confirmed.

arielle ford (101x125)Arielle Ford


Dr Bruce Lipton (57x72)Bruce H. Lipton


Cheryl Richardson (125x125)Cheryl Richardson



Deepak Chopra (109x125)Deepak Chopra



Don Miguel Ruiz (124x125)Don Miguel Ruiz



Dr Eldon TaylorEldon Taylor



Gregg BradenGregg Braden


Jennifer McLeanJennifer McLean


Joe Dispenza (92x125)Joe Dispenza


Jorge Cruise (123x123)Jorge Cruise


Kate Northrup (100x125)Kate Northrup


Larry Dossey (120x120)Larry Dossey


Lynne Mctaggart (92x125)Lynne McTaggart


Mona Lisa Schulz (117x125)Mona Lisa Schulz


Nick OrtnerNick Ortner


Six Sensory LivingSonia Choquette


Vianna Stibal (100x125)Vianna Stibal


Self Development Speaker & AuthorWayne W. Dyer


If you sign up for Hay House World Summit 2013,  you’ll find out who else is on the list to assist in Your Life Transformation, & so much more.

10 days of talks, 10 talks a day, from 100+ speakers from the Personal Empowerment & Spiritual Growth fields.
All with their own perspectives on how to apply positive change in your world.
All *FREE* don’t forget.
If you want to own any of the talks, you have the option of purchasing everything from the Hay House World Summit 2013, in 3 different packages.

Click here to sign up, Hay House World Summit 2013, check out the web page, & if you think you’ll want to listen to the audio’s more than once, or maybe in a few months, or you’d prefer hard copies & transcripts, then you have all of these options available to you.

Many have chosen Hay House as their favourite resource and hub of wisdom over the years. Hay House aim to emulate their presence with this, “The Daddy of all *free* online events”.
When you register for the Hay House World Summit, you will receive Six Bonus videos to kick off your experience.
Watch as Hay House President and CEO Reid Tracy sits down with Louise Hay, Suze Orman, Doreen Virtue, Esther Hicks, Cheryl Richardson, and Wayne Dyer in never-before-seen, entertaining and personal conversations.
Then when June 1st arrives, you will have access for 10 days to, 10 different talks each day.

Sign-up today for your place with The Hay House World Summit 2013 let us know what you think too.

Triple Eclipse May 2013

Solar Eclipse May 2013Today, May 9th, is the second in a triple of solar Eclipses, & depending where you live in the world, today or tomorrow is also a new moon!

Solar Eclipses can bring up old energy patterns & shadow aspects for healing.
Give yourself time to feel, allow the release, & be compassionate with yourself (we are all terrible at that).
Transformation will come.

New Moons are a wonderful time for manifesting.
Use this time to open up to new & old dreams, bringing brighter visions of clarity & inspiration.

The sun is the heart of our solar system and when we have an eclipse, the sun can assist us in shifting energy that is heavy and un-serving, we can birth into higher levels of consciousness.
It heightens our awareness and brings things to light so that we can step forward into the brighter times.

Try something new that resonates with you in order to manifest your hearts desires.
Be it Meditation, Affirmation, Positive Intention, Dancing or something else out there that will enlighten your soul.
NOW is the IDEAL time.
Raise YOUR energy to a new level.

If you’re interested in the scientific aspects of this annular solar eclipse you can check out The Watchers,  which I found while looking for a decent image for this page. Thank you to them for our top image.

You may of course watch the solar eclipse live at 0130am BST via the Slooh Camera

If you’re interested in the astrological insights that may provide for you some inspiration, you can check out a favourite of ours Mystic Mama,  who have more insights to provide from their page about the the Solar Eclipse, New Moon & Eclipse in Taurus.

An email from Aine Belton, provided huge insight for most of this pages information.
For more information about her Matrix Shift programme you can check out her site: www.aine.tv

Further information can be gained from Elizabeth Jones,  who spoke with Jennifer McLean on Healing with the Masters, last week. You can listen to Elizabeth by signing up for free via the link above or here HWTM11